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Find out the number one skill that transforms every relationship.

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It’s time to make yourself a priority by uncovering the real YOU. Taking these empowering steps will help you bring your authentic self into important relationships with others.

Uncage Your Emotions Course

Let's discover YOU!

Do you lack the confidence needed to create and sustain a beautiful, meaningful relationship? Do you find yourself playing the blame-game when things go wrong? I can help you discover how to find the joy in life again, how to appreciate your authentic self, and how to stop looking outward for the causes of your unhappiness.

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The Pause Parenting Method Course

Create “the pause”.

Learn how to stay out of reactivity. Get back to intuitive parenting, no one knows your kid(s) like you do. Parenting is one of the most judged arenas in our lives. Learn key skills that cut to the chase and change the way you show up with your kids. After all, you are the only person you can control. Be the parent your kids need you to be.

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The Pause Couples Method

Go from conflict to passion!

Has your relationship lost its spark? The fun, laughter, and openness you once had? Or are you pondering if your current relationship is right for you? Over time, relationships can change and this, for so many, can mean the increase of conflicts that can gain momentum fast if they aren’t handled correctly. This is where I can help. You care about saving your relationship; otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this right now. Discover how monthly support can redirect and revive your relationship.

My name is Taunya Craig

I am an expert in relationships and emotions, but most important a constant learner. The challenges of today are ever changing, that’s why my clients call me the laser. We get right to the heart of what’s going on, and we address the mess.

I’ve helped countless clients deepen their self worth, confidence, and acceptance to love themselves before, during, and after that mess.

My support has a natural, relaxed feel so breakthroughs can happen without judgement, as we unveil strengths, mistakes and all areas of how you show up in the relationship with yourself and others.

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Speaking & Corporate Training

As a relationship therapist and constant learner, I have the opportunity to utilize compelling stories brought to life, to deliver relatable, relevant and entertaining content.
As a speaker for TEC Canada, One Woman International, Women Talk, Alexia Vernon's MasterTreat, I connect profound theory with 'in the moment' examples to invite incredible perspective shifts.

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Your life can be spectacular if you let it.

Solid, healthy relationships with others start from having a loving relationship with your own self. It's time to rediscover YOU.

Does Your Relationship Need A Revival?

Let’s get away together for 3 days on a private luxury retreat with your partner to bring back the spark, have a deeper understating of yourself, and walk away feeling closer and connected to the ones you love. My 1:1 coaching brings about radical change quickly.

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