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I am an "expert" in relationships and emotions, and most importantly, a constant learner. The challenges of today are ever changing, that’s why my clients call me "the laser". We get right to the heart of what’s going on, and we address the mess.

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Taunya’s unique insights and experiences, honed from her own life and working as a relationship therapist, translates to striking “ah-ha” moments and practical take-aways that can be applied immediately in ALL relationships.

From being the first professional woman trail guide on the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island to being told to “marry rich” to doing just that to being a stay-at-home Mom to two kids to an Ironman finisher 4 times to finding herself to divorcing and to then marry a woman and much more stuff in between!!

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“Taunya has a gift for connecting with her audience and creating a space where they can reflect. I saw myself through Taunya’s stories and walked away with keen insight into my own relationships that I am anxious to apply.”

Jeneen Haven

“Taunya gets raw and downright funny as she shares her story of self-discovery that is messy, deeply personal and thought provoking. You will walk away inspired and curious about how you can improve your relationship with yourself.”

Teena Evert, Feminine Presence

"Thanks for pushing me out of my comfort zone so that I can start the healing process. I honestly wasn't sure if you'd be able to get me to 'budge' because numbing seems to be easy for me...but you knew exactly how to make me start. You're truly gifted."

An Alberta client

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