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Meet Taunya

Registered Professional Counsellor, Master Practicing Clinical Counselor, Counselling Therapist

My practice is based on the belief that when individuals feel heard and seen, they can start to find the strength and courage needed to move forward towards their desired change. That is why I utilize a relational therapeutic approach, which allows me to connect with my clients in a meaningful way and support them in developing healthy relationships with themselves and others. My expertise in trauma-informed counseling has helped me to identify and address the underlying issues that prevent clients from living fuller lives. Whether you are dealing with anxiety, depression, or feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges, I am here to help you.

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Some fun Taunya tidbits:

i'm an avid Harley rider, averaging 30,000 kms per season, when I'm not helping others you most likely can find me "out on the twisties".

I have experienced divorce, relationships with both genders, mom to 2 amazing young adults and continue to explore all aspects of the human experience.

I used to be a backcountry guide, mostly guiding groups on the West Coast Trail of Canada (21 times!). I've completed 4 Ironman events, enjoying my very first in Canada.

I've experienced dark hard moments, sometimes down on my knees pain bringing me face to face with questioning what life is for. Everything I ask my clients to do, I have done and continue to do myself.

I use my life as an experiment to help me relate to my clients and have an idea of what they might be going through.

Bottom line: I'm living the human experience and invite you to experience it through the eyes of love and play.

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