You deserve HAPPINESS

You don't need to know HOW.
You just need to be willing.

You deserve HAPPINESS

You don't need to know HOW. You just need to be willing. 

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Do any of these statements resonate with you...

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The feeling like you are drifting apart, 'falling out of love' is real and hard to face. It doesn't necessarily mean it's the end.

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Feeling stuck, or noticing you are repeating patterns that are more harming than helpful can be very frustrating. There's a way out.

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Used to living life for others? Are you feeling flat, lost and uncertain of what you even want anymore? I can help.

I help people transform their relationships.
Beginning with themselves.

Our challenging behaviours that sabotage, keep us stuck, etc. are from our beliefs, and views about who we think we are in the world.

How we show up in relationship with others deeply reflects our beliefs about ourselves. I can help you identify what's getting in your way and help you to re-pattern and form more accurate beliefs.


Has your life become a "SHOULD DO" list?

Do you feel like you are getting in your own way, and that you can have SO much more?

How about: Do you feel like there is a giant gap in your relationship, where it used to be your greatest source of comfort?

You are not alone, and you are in the right place! Read on...

Whether you are looking for 1:1 support, DIY therapy
or workshops, let's connect to see if I can support you.
If not, I have a great list of referrals.

Discovering suddenly that you aren't living the life you thought you would can be very unnerving, and tough to navigate.

Especially, if you aren't sure what you are moving towards, or away from.

Try this:

  1. Start with, the next time you get the sense that you are not living your 'ideal' life, I encourage you to let yourself have space with that sensation, knowing that it is present in your body.
  2. After you give yourself time to reflect on the feelings associated with this prompt for change, take time to reflect on what was just happening right before that sensation.
  3. Lastly, give yourself time to be curious about what you have identified. Keep noticing every time you do the same thing, and you get the same knowing that there needs to be change. The more you sit with it, witnessing yourself, the more information you will gather, and eventually you will have an answer for which way to pivot.

The key is giving yourself space to "sit in your feeling".
I have a PDF on "how" to sit in your feelings.
You can have direct access to it here.

1:1 Counselling

You're ready for customized therapy and to make big changes. Whether individual, relationship or teenager, I've got you.

Click here for more info.

DIY Therapy

Online courses or membership, designed for you to learn the key skills I teach my clients in 1:1 therapy.
Do it at your own pace and have lifetime access.

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In-Person Workshops

Did you know that groups are a very cost effective and efficient way to learn? Individual and couples workshops offered throughout the year.

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(From group experiences, as our profession is not allowed to solicit for testimonials from individual clients).

"Taunya, WOW, you have gifted me so much! You have lovingly guided me to find the answers I so desperately wanted others to give me. You invited me to question and explore, be honest and curious, to feel and sit with every emotion. You also gifted me with gentle pushes in directions I never saw as possible."

"Thanks for pushing me out of my comfort zone so that I can start the healing process. I honestly wasn't sure if you'd be able to get me to 'budge' because numbing seems to be so easy for me...but you knew exactly how to make me start."

"Taunya has an amazing heart and genuinely cares for those who she works with. She helped me gain amazing insights into dark places in me soul which I would never have had the bravery to venture into without her help."

Hey, I'm Taunya, relationship & trauma therapist, coach and speaker.

I'm a regular person, just like you. I have loving and challenging relationships. I love to deep dive into what makes us 'tick'. My strengths are reading relationship dynamics, sensing what the root problems are for my clients and holding a safe emotional space to explore. 

More about TAUNYA
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Who am I really?

I'm a Harley-Davidson riding, nature loving, constant learner. I have been married twice, divorced once. I've experienced relationships with men and women. I have 2 grown kids who blow my mind. One who currently is on a "sabbatical" from me. (Creating an incredible opportunity for me to dive within to heal and come out loving fiercely). My other lives with me while he attends uni. 

I have experienced years of therapy for myself so I deeply understand what I may ask you to step into. I believe therapy is the greatest gift we can give not only ourselves, also for our loved ones. Taking care of our own emotions, stories, beliefs and relationship skills is the best gift we can give to ourselves and others.

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Who is ideal for my style of therapy?

Someone who wants a different. Feels stuck where they are at, whether that is in relationship, or life. This person has flexible thinking, willingness to be uncomfortable, desire for better and just not sure how. 

Someone who is seeking clarity, skills, and a deeper understanding of how they operate!

This person MUST be willing to go into their emotions. I believe that our emotions are NOT something to be ignored, numbed and stuffed aside. I believe our emotions hold valuable information, and it's in sitting with our emotions, growing greater tolerance for experiencing the depth of emotions, well, that's where the 'why' is and 'life'!

Being present, listening to our whispers, that is the juice in life. It's just really hard to be there while rushing through a to- do and 'should-do' list.

I work best with someone who knows they want more from life, are willing to explore and want results.

Featured Blog Posts

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What do you do when you are pointing your finger at your partner believing if they could just_______ , then you could feel_______?

 Notice how we can insert anything into the blanks?

            "If only YOU would _______, then I could feel _______."

Believing if only they change their way, then everything would be better.

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Knowing doesn't define who you are or your abilities! It's a strategy I see with many clients - the need to know or predict.

The belief is - "If I can figure it out - then I'm safe".

The opposite is true, the need to know and predict can keep you trapped, and constantly on alert to figure things out.


Laughter & fun is available.
Remember, you just need to be willing, I provide the 'how'.

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