Seeking clarity?

Of the thousands of hours I've spent with my clients I have heard time and time again similar patterns; either change is needed or change has happened and the next steps aren't super clear.

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I have moved my private practice to
Bloom Psychedelic Therapy and Research Centre.

I am Director of Therapy at Bloom Psychedelic, and as such I have reduced private practice hours.

Address: Suite 400, 628 - 12 Ave SW
Free parking up the ramp to the back of the building.

Existing Clients: To book a session, please call: (403) 300-1562


Do you feel like you've lost your best friend?

That your person feels far away and you can't quite get on the same page with them anymore?

You're not alone, most couples go through ups and downs, the fact that you are here reading this is awesome.

Bridging the gaps before they become canyons, is essential.

Don't fret, if the willingness is there, even the biggest gaps can be bridged with a little help. Again, the importance is the true willingness. You don't have to figure out the HOW, that's my job!

You both just need to want to bridge the gap.

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Has your life become dictated by your 'should-do' list?

Many individuals that I work with have a sense that there is something 'better' for them and they just don't quite know how to break through to achieve a sense of freedom, solidness in themselves, and a feeling of authentically living.

Whether the 'pain' is resulting from a relationship, or work, or lost/lack of passion and purpose. It all comes down to, the relationship with one's self.

Uncovering the rules and beliefs that are holding you hostage can result in space to design who you want to be in the world. How you want to show up and live your unique you.

After all, we only get one shot at this roller coaster ride, you don't have to navigate the hard moments alone.

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Do you have any teenagers in your home or close-by?

How are they doing? Are they struggling, could they be facing suicidal ideation?

Suicide is very intimate in my family system and I know how frightening it can be as a parent, a child and as the person with suicidal thoughts.

Please know I've experienced incredible success using A.R.T. - Accelerated Resolution Therapy. 

I have a great referral network for the parents to receive support. And I’m looking to provide a workshop for those parents of my teen clients to help them navigate their teens’ journey.

Please share with those you know because help is available and the light is closer than we think.

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Accelerated Resolution Therapy

This unique tool has revolutionized my practice, and my own personal life!

Individuals have benefited with A.R.T. by overcoming deep rooted harmful beliefs about themselves, moved through complicated grief, healed from health anxieties, healed from past traumas and overcome debilitating phobias.

I've been able to effectively and efficiently utilized A.R.T. to help couples move through infidelities.

This isn't a promise, this is an effective and efficient set of protocols backed by research, and your willingness to work the journey.

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Psychedelic Integration

Maybe you identify as a psychonaut and journeying is a part of your lifestyle, or maybe you are hearing the buzz in the news about Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy. Either way, if you are exploring your psyche through this means, the most vital aspect (aside from set and setting), is integration.

I can help you with integrating the good, the bad and the downright ugly, so you can have positive meaning and lasting change from your journeys.

Not taking new clients at this time.

I help people transform their relationship with themselves.

All of our challenging behaviours, beliefs and experiences are a result of who we think we are in the world.

How we show up in relationship with others, and, ultimately, we need to know where we are at before we can get to where we want to be.

Should I book sessions?

One to one sessions are best for people who are wanting customization.

To have their specific needs addressed and typically wanting to deep dive and break through either stuck points or areas of change that need settling.

Should I take your online courses or memberships?

The online courses and memberships are excellent for people who prefer to do their own reflecting at their own pace.

Those that have done some of their own deeper work with someone before and are looking for tools to either maintain the changes, or help to make more changes.

------- Credentials -------

  • Master Practicing Clinical Counsellor and Registered Professional Counsellor (R.P.C., M.P.C.C. CPCA #3419)
  • Counselling Therapist (ATCA # 1620)
  • Clearmind International, Transpersonal Psychology for Counselling - 3 year diploma
  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy: Level 1 and 2 Clinical Training.
  • Accelerated Resolution Therapy: Master A.R.T. Practitioner
  • Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy - ATMA
  • Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Therapy for Individuals
  • Progressive Counting: Trauma Resolve Method
  • Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples: Externship
  • Dr. Gordon Neufeld: Science of Emotion and Making Sense of Anxiety
  • Dr. Gabor Maté: Grounding Trauma
  • DBT Skills Training by Sheri Van Dijk
  • Internal Family Systems Informed by Dr. Richard Schwartz

‚ÄčIt doesn't matter what age you are, where you live or what you do, we all desire a fulfilled life - one that brings us joy, excitement and meaning.

Maybe you once had a vision of how you wanted your life to go and you thought you were steering yourself in that direction. But now you feel bogged down, stretched and just plain worn out.
How did you end up here?
This isn't how life was supposed to be!

It's not too late.
Life can be spectacular...if YOU let it.

 I help people transform a lifestyle of overwhelming stress and routine
into one of clarity, vitality and balance.