Using ONE SKILL makes the difference between escalating or calming a moment with your loved one.

Do you feel overwhelmed when your person is upset, and they are fired up?

It's hard to know what to do when they are yelling, crying, cold shouldering...

There is one skill that makes the difference
...every time!

It's for you & for them!

FREE Mini Course to give you the power to calm any situation.

Learn how to NOT take on the weight of their problems, not feel like you have to avoid, and actually help them to feel better, without solving anything!

Teach me HOW!

We can easily jump to fixing, solving, agreeing with (even if we don't want to)...just to try and make them feel better. It's natural to feel uncomfortable when facing someone's upset, whether it's anger or sadness. We can feel worried that we will end up feeling like them, or that we will "have to do something", in order to help them feel better.

Good News: You don't HAVE to DO anything! In this very quick mini course I will teach you what to say, the mindset to have AND the science behind how come validation works.

The most common belief people hold about validation, is that you are 'agreeing' with the other person. Or that you are somehow giving in to them, or it's something you 'need' to do.

When in fact, validation is a gift to YOU and to them!

Tell me more about that gift

Validation is a skill I will teach you so that you can provide an emotionally neutral and kind place for them to express their personal experience and you simply listen (there are some steps to this type of listening), they will move through their upset faster and THEN you can ask questions or offer support.

The opportunity in these moments is to connect, to be with that person and let them have their experience. Which in turn keeps your to-do list empty and they feel seen and heard, and you both feel connected.

In less than 30 minutes, you will have the skill set to connect deeper.

An instant

I believe it's the key skill needed to parent AND for intimacy.

Take me to the FREE training

With 3 steps from you, you will be able to soothe a toddler, teen or even your partner, from having a tantrum. You will be able to calm your person in moments of grief, anger, disappointment.

- Get ready to feel closer
- Invite that connection

If you truly try these steps out and they don't work, I invite you to jump on a quick call with me and we sort it together all for FREE! - That's how confident I am in this tool.

You can experience a difference in your relationships (partner, kids, parents, co-workers) immediately!

I recently taught this validation in a business training session. On break one attendee implemented the skill and couldn't believe how effective it was. He shared with us that this particular employee would often take 20-30 minutes to help, and this time it was done in 10 minutes, the employee felt supported and even came up with their own solution.