Stop sabotaging joy and love and re-ignite the love for yourself and others.

We will address the mess, simplify the patterns, and you’ll begin to think and act differently.

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Whether it’s feeling like you’re roommates with your partner, or you’re pointing the finger in arguments. You find yourself holding onto past hurt that’s deflecting love, or worrying that you’re passing on your emotional baggage to your kids. You’ll be guided without shame or blame to drastically change how you react and respond.

Using my BREATHE method, you’ll be guided through 7 weeks of actionable steps to change your relationship dynamics with yourself, your kids, your partner, your boss, friends, all those you interact with during the day.

This course is different from all the other self-help programs and books. I focus on the only place that you have full control and ability to change - AND THAT’S YOU!

Everything you need to know about whether you should stay or go, how to stop the arguments, how to have your needs and boundaries respected - it’s here.

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Why This Matters

As a relationship therapist and coach I have seen time and time again patterns emerge, and I continually found myself teaching the same concepts over and over. It’s from this that I designed this course. I have also walked my talk and implemented these proven systems in my own life.

From running from my emotions by training for Ironman events to an eating disorder and perfectionist streak, all cumulated in loss of myself, marriage breakdown and a sense of spinning out of control. Learning to lean into my emotions and discover who I am in the middle of my mess and while still showing up anyway, allowed me to live authentically.
I’ve learned how to wake up, show up, and own my life and I want you to do the same.

This course is for someone who:

Wants to be their true self in their relationships

This course is not for someone who:

  • Wants to fix the other person.
  • Is not willing to be accountable.

One huge struggle I see with couples, and others in relationship is lack of trust.

Trust can easily be eroded over time when we aren’t conscious of what actually builds trust, and actively work on it. That’s why I’ve included a module on Trust as a bonus.

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