Are you tired of surface level relationships?

Do you feel alone in your relationship?

Are you a roommate with your person/ spouse?

Does that IDEAL relationships feel just outside of your reach?


Everything you need to know about whether you should stay or go,
how to stop the arguments, how to have your needs and
boundaries respected - it’s here.

Your Superpower...

We aren't taught how to be in relationship, we have learned from watching our parent's relationships, past experiences, our friends, other family members, TV, movies and getting advice from family and friends, too! That's a lot of influences! 

Yet, at the root, you know how you feel, you know what it's like to be in YOUR relationships.
Your feelings and emotions have power!

Let's delve into your superpower together, I'll show you just how powerful EMOTIONS really are…
how powerful YOU really are!

Using my BREATHE method, you’ll be guided through 7 modules of videos and actionable steps to change the relationship dynamics with those who matter the most to you and ultimately with yourself.  


Empower yourself today!

Why the BREATHE method...

BREATH is essential to life.  Breathing is essential to emotional regulation. Emotional regulation is essential for being present, responsive, NOT reactionary in relationships.

I know this place intimately...

From running from my emotions by training for Ironman events to an eating disorder and perfectionist streak, I thought I had it all under control: parenting, being a stay at home mom, friend, volunteer, until it all cumulated in loss of myself, marriage breakdown and a sense of spinning out of control.

Learning to lean into my emotions and discover who I am in the middle of my mess and while still showing up anyway, allowed me to live authentically.  I awoken from a conditioned marriage, societal expectations and following other's rules.  I empowered myself, my kids and created a who new authentic life.  A life that includes messy moments with my kids and wife, setting boundaries, receiving care and support and showing up fully.

I’ve learned how to wake up, show up, and own my life and I want the same for you.

Trust can easily be eroded over time when we aren’t conscious of what actually builds trust, and actively work on it.

That’s why I’ve included a module
on TRUST as a BONUS.

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