THE skill to stop assuming!

Assumptions KILL connection!

Staying open...

Is one of the hardest states to be in. We are wired to conclude, make sense of and figure out, so it does take energy to remain open and CURIOUS.

Using Module 5 of my BREATHE Method, you’ll be guided through a video, worksheet and actionable steps to invite better connection and an open attitude.

Openness begets peace and calm.

Get the action steps to be CURIOUS today!
  • Discover how to be curious, and open in important relationships.

  • How being 'certain' stunts connection, and limits your living.

  • Learn what to do instead of assume, attune to those moments and invite connection.

For only $17 you will receive:

Video 1: Curiosity really is the key mindset to a happy relationship. Discover HOW to have that open mind. As you will learn, curiosity is actually a vulnerable state- we will navigate that together. 

A downloadable worksheet, 24 minutes of training and support from Taunya.

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Why the BREATHE method...

BREATH is essential to life. Breathing is essential to emotional regulation. Emotional regulation is essential for being present, responsive, NOT reactionary in relationships.

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