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Whether you are ready to start therapy or are just looking, I want you to know I know it can be really sh*tty at times, and you're welcome here in all your experiences.



Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.
Suffering happens when:

  • Thoughts repeat and "stories" are believed to be reality.
  • Run from, numb, & stay busy from emotions.
  • One stays in isolation.

Sharing with a 3rd party, who's trained in establishing connection has been proven to alleviate symptoms.


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Issues I can deep dive with you on:

Suicidal Ideation
Having thoughts of hurting yourself or ending your life can feel scary & it's like the only way you have control.

A.R.T. has been a fast and effective tool that I use to alleviate fears and intensities to harm.
I understand suicidal ideation, from the chronic side to the utterly terrifying urgency that can sometimes overwhelm.
Sexual Identity
Understanding attractions, urges & desires especially when they don't fit in with the 'norm', can feel isolating.
Especially if your parents, family or friends don't understand & support your development.
It seems like 'everyone' is talking about feeling anxious - why don't they look like I feel?
Anxiety can be very disruptive in learning, experiencing and just being. With therapy, you can get to the root reasons you're experiencing debilitating anxiety. Together, we'll come up with nervous system regulation and tools.
Navigating a relationship can feel daunting & hard to get support from your parents.
It's natural that your parents are going to have strong feelings & opinions on who you date. It's comforting to have a 3rd party who's trained in relationship dynamics to help you feel into how your relationship is going.
Managing 2 parents that are in conflict can put a lot of pressure and confusion on a teen.
Discover how to let your parents have their issues and you just manage what's happening for you in the new family structure.
I get how pressure-ful it can feel to have to juggle sports, academics & your parent's wishes and expectations.
I have a unique view of both being a past Ironman athlete & being a mom of athletes. It's often an unconscious desire that gets stirred in parents when their kid(s) excel in sports.
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Meet Taunya

Taunya Craig, RPC, MPCC, CT

Relationship & Trauma Therapist

I'm not your run-of-the-mill therapist, for starters I wasn't traditionally trained, I've earned my master's equivalent through proving competency. What does this mean? I am very relational, I see my clients from a wholistic sense, not a medical model.

I tend to cuss, I ride a Harley Davidson, I'm married to a woman and I have two young adult kids. Everything I ask my clients to do, I have done myself.

Your story is unique to you, and I bet I will be able to understand to some degree, better than most.

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Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.

-Albert Eistein

Are you wondering if your romantic relationship is healthy?

Emotional, physical and psychological abuse often goes unnoticed in teens. Take the quiz today.

The COST of being in an unhealthy relationship is YOUR mental health. Having your self esteem chipped away, putting up with behaviours that degrade over time, it's not worth it. Support is available, if you don't feel a fit with me, please reach out to others.

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My hourly rate is $150 +GST (CAD).

Insurances that I'm an approved provider for: Alberta Blue Cross, Pacific Blue Cross and Greenshield. Other insurance companies, such as Sunlife, may cover my services - check your particular plan.

I'm covered when it stipulates: Clinical Counsellor, Psychotherapist or Counsellor.

My credentials: R.P.C, M.P.C.C. with CPCA # 3419 and C.T. with ACTA #1620