Taunya can speak in any setting, online or in-person, 
and will absolutely connect with your audience!

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Taunya's unique insights and experiences, honed from her own life and working as a relationship therapist, translates to striking "ah-ha" moments and practical take-aways that can be applied immediately in ALL relationships. 

Taunya gets right to the heart of the matter. She guides you to look inward, where the real change happens.

From being the first professional woman trail guide on the West Coast Trail to being told to 'marry rich' and doing just that to being a stay-at-home Mom to two kids to being an Ironman finisher 4 times to finding herself to divorcing and to then marry a woman...and so much more in between and beyond!

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  • VIBE 98.5 Virgin Radio"Dumb Fight Fridays" segments
  • Global TV News LIVE - Simple Ways to be Romantic!
  • VIBE 98.5 Virgin Radio Interview - Be a Better Listener
  • CHQR 770 Radio LIVE - Spouses Underfoot
  • CHED 630 Radio LIVE - Keeping the Love Alive!
  • One Woman Canada - This Woman Means Business Summit
  • Pride & Joy Foundation - LGBTQ+ Family & Influencer Summit - Guest Speaker
  • Kelly Travis Mastermind - Guest Speaker
  • TEC Canada - Multiple coaching sessions - Executive Leadership Development.
  • Gems For Gems - Empowering Women to Empower Themselves
  • Rise to Greater Heights Network - Emotional Intelligence/Mental Health - Guest Speaker
  • GAYbours - Taunya's coming out story.
  • Kelly Travis - She Doesn't Settle Podcast - How to Transform Your Relationships 
  • Let's talk Anxiety - How to manage feeling anxious.
  • How to help your kiddos during COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Feeling powerless due to COVID-19...I can help!
  • Women Talk Canada - Multiple events.

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Simple Ways to be Romantic!

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Signature Keynote

Opening your Heart and Owning your Emotions!

With today’s culture, we only see the highlight reel. It can make us feel less than in our relationships and our personal lives. The constant comparison, emotional triggers, and inside critic can spin us in a loop of blame and shame. That’s why I’ve framed a whole talk around looking inward without judgment. I walk the audience through exact stories and steps that open their eyes and hearts to a deeper connection with yourself and others.

You'll discover:

  • The importance of focusing on yourself and staying present in a relationship.
  • How to instantly change the energy of a relationship when it feels wobbly.
  • Why not projecting your own emotions onto your significant other can strengthen and deepen your connection.
  • How to overcome and bypass societal relationship rules to achieve a successful relationship.

I can accommodate my curriculum for this workshop to fit your event needs and duration. I can also include:

  • How to use emotions to set boundaries and articulate your needs.
  • Vulnerably share with your partner (while maintaining personal responsibility and integrity) without blame or projection.
  • Bringing awareness to and shifting the dynamics of over-functioning and under-functioning.

Signature Workshops

How Emotion Can Be a Superpower in the Workplace

Emotion in the workplace is key to boosting productivity and ensuring employees feel valued and appreciated for their talents and skills. Too often, feelings are not the primary importance in business, and this can significantly hurt how efficiently goals are accomplished.

After all, we are human BEINGS not human DOINGS!

In this sought-after, interactive workshop, you’ll enjoy learning…

  • How to focus inward.
  • To become aware of when reactivity is activated during conflict or challenging situations.
  • Key communication strategies which can advance initiatives.
  • How to create an environment at the workplace which promotes emotional expression.
  • Which awareness exercises to use when conflict occurs.
  • How to channel workers natural predisposition for connecting with others in a way that doesn’t create gossip or time-wasting conversations.


Personality Dimensions: Beyond the Typical Assessment

Discover your primary personality temperament, identify your core values and needs in relation to others in your organization.

"Taunya gets raw and downright funny as she shares her story of self-discovery that is messy, deeply personal and thought provoking. You will walk away inspired and curious about how you can improve your relationship with yourself."

Teena Evert, Feminine Presence

"Taunya has a gift for connecting with her audience and creating a space where they can reflect. I saw myself through Taunya's stories and walked away with keen insight into my own relationships that I am anxious to apply."

Jeneen Haven