Reframe the BLAME!

Everything you need to take back your power in relationship!

Finger Pointing...

We tend to believe if they would just stop doing
something - or start doing something - then we can feel okay.

Using Module 2 of my BREATHE Method, you’ll be guided through 3 videos, worksheets and actionable steps to take back your power without waiting on 'them' to do anything.
Empower yourself today!


  • Learn what you have control over and what you don't.

  • Identify your judgements and flip it into empowerment.

  • Discover how to invite connection and cooperation.


For only $37 you will receive:

Video 1: Discover the judgments that you have that are keeping you stuck.
Video 2: Live example of this in action.
Video 3: From finger pointing to reclaiming your vision.
A total of 40 minutes of video to help you take back your power.

A downloadable worksheet accompanies these videos and support from Taunya.

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Why the BREATHE method...

BREATH is essential to life. Breathing is essential to emotional regulation. Emotional regulation is essential for being present, responsive, NOT reactionary in relationships.

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