WHAT YOU RECEIVE with The Pause Parenting Method Course:

It’s true our babies do NOT come with instruction manuals.  We can’t even download one that is specific to them from the internet.  There are thousands of books with tips and tricks from getting your kid to eat broccoli to how to get your kid to listen.

What you will receive in this course are 4 key skills that focus on you and how you can show up differently for your kids. Skills that get out of the story and constant struggle by cutting straight to seeing, hearing and being with your kid(s).

4 videos teaching through stories and with theory that are relatable and actionable.

4 downloads to help implement your new skills

A private Facebook Community for students of Taunya Zipse, where you can ask questions and get support.


  • Private Facebook group for ongoing support
  • BONUS: Self care worksheet
  • BONUS: Guided Meditation to pause and not respond with triggered

I believe in building a community of parents who are there to support and encourage each other, as we raise our next generation and I believe in you.

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