It’s not about being right or wrong. It’s about being the parent your kid needs you to be.

There isn’t a handbook on parenting. Secretly, we fear messing up. Sometimes it's hard when we’re getting angry or upset, or giving into things we shouldn’t. It's time to end the struggle. You know your child best.
Let's get you back in tune with your intuition and parenting.

The truth bomb about parenting and our world.

It's not easy to hear that our approach is the problem. There is no perfect parent or perfect approach, and when we can look at our internal fears and re-wire our reasoning, things change. We create an emotionally safe space for our children, at every age, and become the parent our kids need us to be!


The Pause Parenting Method Course

Parenting is one of the most judged arenas in our life. Everyone has an opinion. Kids are also our greatest mirrors for the good qualities and the ugly ones we thought we left behind.

With The Pause Parenting Method you will focus on the only person you can actually control - yourself. Learning through four relatable videos, key skills to shift the relationship dynamic between you and your kid(s). You will be able to parent from a place of confidence because you'll be showing up as you, not run "shoulds", "what ifs" or "WTF's".

Learn how to be the parent your kids need you to be and you'll experience a state of integrity and even peace in the middle of the struggly bits in parenting.

The last thing I want is for you to read another parenting book or
ask the advice of your friends. What works for them may not work
for you and parenting isn’t black and white.

It’s time we uncover what you’ve been missing and needing.

As a bonus you will also receive:

A Self Care Worksheet
  • To help you pause and take care of your own needs so you can be a better parent.

Guided Meditation
  • To ground you for the day and start your morning off with the right mindset.

How I Went From a Helicopter Mom to a Healing Mom

Fear was the driver of my parenting. I was afraid my young kids wouldn’t make friends, wouldn’t be invited to birthday parties and sleepovers. I was afraid I would somehow, in someway fail them as a mom.
Then, I focused on myself, my own healing and my fears. I discovered key skills to be able to show up as the mom I wanted to be and as the woman I am.

I know how to validate my kids when they experience loss, are left out, get dumped, the normal challenges of life, and I don’t make it about me.

I can be fully present in their life and feel confident
that I’m showing up for them and what they need.


Frequently asked questions:

Is this another "how to parent" group?

In some ways, yes. Except, the focus is on you and shows exact
steps for how you can show up differently with your kids to
create cohesive, heart centered connection.

What if I try it and it’s not for me?

As always, we have a 30 day money back guarantee


What if I try to make changes and my spouse isn’t on board?

You can only control how you parent. Change starts with you and you’ll learn how to show up as your authentic self regardless of their position.

What if I want more?

Take it to the next level with my online course, Uncage Your Emotions - How to Own Who You Are in the Middle of Your Mess!

I get that there are a lot of parenting programs out there.  This one is different as I strive to support you to get back in touch with your intuition and be the parent YOUR kids need you to be.  I get that it might not be a right fit for everyone, that is why I guarantee my program.  

If you are not satisfied with the program, in 30 days, I will happily refund you.


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