Are you done with being "FINE"?!

We sure are, so we created this Club to help get you outta being fine to being who you really want to be in this World!

Join us and let's get going!


Do you feel as if you are just "going with the flow", "not rocking the boat", "it is what it is" -
essentially saying, "I'm fine?"

Is this enough for you?

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You need to make some changes...

What's worked in the past no longer works, you may be feeling lost or ungrounded. 

Maybe you're feeling trapped or stuck and fearful of making a wrong decision.

You're hoping
for clarity...

You recognize a desire to live authentically, to live more openly and ultimately, to trust.

You may be missing
meaningful conversations and connection. 

You want

Anything from self-regulation to how to connect in the middle of sh*t hitting the fan!

You yearn for a different perspective
so you can experience a deeper more meaningful connection.

---- It's ALL here and more! ----

  • Tools and How To's
  • Scripts on what to say and when
  • To learn new skills and try them, make mistakes, receive support and try again!
  • Deeper, meaningful connections
  • An emotionally safe space to show up differently. 
  • Learn about yourself and connect heart to heart with other like-minded women. 
  • A place to get real - to figure out what that uniquely looks like for you!
  • Wake Up - Show Up - Connect
  • Perspective, there are many...
  • A place where willingness & forgiveness are paramount! 
  • To fall deeply, madly in love with who YOU are. 
  • A place to be YOU!

---- What this isn't ----

x  This is not a networking group.

This is not competitive, beyond deepening your own drive!

x  This isn't a therapeutic support group. (Although Taunya is a counsellor, the focus is on your actions and implementation.)

Nor is it somewhere you will be told how to be, or what to do!

x  Surface level chit chat.


Join for YOU!

I want to be a Member of this cool club!

The Why

We've designed this space to provide an emotionally safe 'landing zone'.

Somewhere that women can come to show up differently.

Put down their masks and connect heart to heart with other like-minded women. This doesn't mean you need to know HOW to do this - you need to WANT to experience this.

I provide HOW.

My goal: To have you fall madly, deeply in love with who you are.

I want you to try new skills, make mistakes and try again, all supported by women doing the same.

Who are we?

Leading this amazing group of transformers is Taunya Craig, RPC, MPCC, CT. A Registered Professional Counsellor, Master Practicing Clinical Counsellor and Counselling Therapist, whose traveled the path of putting herself last, to putting herself first! She's had incredible results and is due for more.

Linda Craig, "Jane of all trades", will be cheering you all on, taking care of everything technical, details and well….everything behind the scenes!

We are both right here with you every step of the way.

What you get for just $27/month:

  • Monthly LIVE group coaching calls.
  • Monthly exercises to deepen your relationship with yourself and others. 
  • Exclusive connection space within our community site that allows you to post your progress, ask your questions and access Taunya and her team.
  • Access to past recordings of group coaching calls.
  • Exclusive scripts and content just for the F*CK FINE CLUB Members.

Vicki Wilburn RTC

Club Member
“The F*CK FINE Club has been of huge benefit to my life. Our monthly sessions are filled with amazing information, whether that comes from Taunya or from the fab women in this group.

I am so grateful to have a safe place where I can meet myself with more love and curiosity.

There is so much this group can offer and I believe if any women is wanting to make changes in their life, this group is hands down fantastic, gentle and informative.”


Club Member
"Women should join because as women when we collectively learn and grow, we all heal. 

There's such a stigma about who we are supposed to be as women, how we act, think, talk , look ,what makes us successful and all these rules are generally someone else's. 

The F*CK FINE Club is a place where it's safe to be and discover who you are and learn tools that help us show up authentically.

And, a few laughs, too. 
Great way to connect with other women." 

As a member, you can attend all monthly relationship coaching calls! 

Here's a sample calendar: 

January - Intentional YOU
February - Intimacy
March - Our super power - Emotions
April - Coping skills without compromise
May - Mindfulness in action
June - Taking care of our physical self
July - Beyond self-care
August - Getting rid of money issues
September - What's your purpose?
October - How to say NO
November - Let's talk about sex baby
December - Exploring spirituality

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Start making the changes you have been wanting to make!