EMOTIONAL score card

It's easy to keep score of what they do or don't do! 
When in fact, it's vital to take care of your own needs in relationship.

An emotional bank account...

Rarely do we notice the draining aspects of our energy each day. We tend to group the day into a "good day" or "bad day", lacking discernment over the aspects that were adding positively to your mood and energy, and those aspect that drained your mood and energy.

We also don't notice the efforts our loved ones contribute when we are in a negative mood. Learn to attune to your person's 'bids of connection' - it will bring more joy and connection in your days.

Using Module 3 of my BREATHE Method, you’ll be guided through 2 videos, worksheets and actionable steps to change moods and energy levels.
Feel energy today!
  • Discover what is draining your emotional bank account.

  • Discover what is filling your emotional bank account.

  • Learn what the 'Masters' in relationship do vs. the 'Disasters' in relationship.

 Sometimes their comment of: "Whatcha doing?" means more than you think!!

For only $27 you will receive:

Video 1: Self - how you monitor your withdrawals and deposits.  
Video 2: Other - how you turn towards your person, and how they make bids for connection with you.

Downloadable worksheets, including ideas of self-care, 31 minutes of learning and support from Taunya.

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Why the BREATHE method...

BREATH is essential to life. Breathing is essential to emotional regulation. Emotional regulation is essential for being present, responsive, NOT reactionary in relationships.

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