Relationship Recharge

This is an exciting and empowering 3-day transformational private retreat for couples who yearn for a deeper, more loving relationship.

With Taunya Craig, RPC, MPCC, CT

Do you want to experience a deep, meaningful, loving relationship with your partner? Then come and enjoy this luxurious, intimate retreat where your romantic relationship can thrive.

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If you answer YES to any of the following, then this retreat is for you!

Do you crave to feel closer to your partner - not just occasionally, or while you’re on vacation, but daily, even when life, work and parenting get hectic and demanding?

Does your relationship lack the fun, laughter and lightheartedness you felt when you first got together - the honeymoon phase of your relationship has long since passed?

Are you ready to address and resolve feelings of anger, resentment or loss that sometimes crop up toward your partner - even when you’re not actively arguing?

Are you ready to recommit to yourself, your partner and your relationship on a deeper level that will last, without having to go to weekly therapy sessions?

Learn the results-driven skills and tools that you can take with you and use daily after the retreat is over.

Imagine having a deeper level of trust with your partner- so much so that you approach disagreements and stressful moments with more curiosity than defensiveness. You know you won’t always get things perfect - because life is messy - but you know, without a doubt, that your partner has your back (and you have his or her back). You are a team, and you feel like together there is nothing you can’t accomplish.

Date night becomes intimate, sacred space to continue to foster true connection, as opposed to the two of you going through the motions (or being on your phones) at dinner.

You know what to do when tough situations arise - and you aren’t afraid of sliding back to the way things used to be because you have the tools to continue to guide you to your “new normal” of loving connection.

Relationship Recharge is customized to guide you from exactly where YOUR relationship is right now.

Your experience is so customized that there is no pre-set date for your retreat. Once you’ve applied and been accepted, you will choose your dates from a range of possibilities.

During our three days together you will learn how focusing on yourself first (rather than what your partner is doing) strengthens your connection and allows you both to be more present - for each other, for work, and parenting.

You will discover and break old patterns, habits, and expectations that act as barriers to closeness and replace them with new ones. You will learn and practice skills you will then have for a lifetime, like:

  • Using clear, compassionate communication to give voice to your feelings, set boundaries and articulate your needs to your partner - without being overly needy or reactive
  • The skill and ability to vulnerably share concerns with your partner, while maintaining your responsibility and integrity
  • Arguing articulately without blame or projection
  • Knowing how to shift the dynamic when you feel out of sync, so you don’t lapse back into old habits
  • Strategically break the rules society has “set” for your relationship (that you may unconsciously be following) without feeling like an outcast

If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you’ve always gotten. Relationship Recharge will shake things up in the best possible way and give you a new level of closeness.

What else can you expect from your Relationship Recharge retreat?

Relationship Recharge is an immersive, three-day experience that blends two acclaimed couples therapy models: The gold standard Gottman Couples Therapy Method and Emotionally Focused Therapy. Three days with me equips motivated couples with the skills and tools usually gleaned from four months of therapy under the traditional model.

Over the course of three days, I'll lead you through an intensive, highly customized therapy program, designed to address your unique challenges, hang-ups, frustrations and insecurities.

You will both experience a deeper level of connection, and receive the tools to maintain that connection and be vulnerable with your partner (especially when conflict crops up) - which will result in a better understanding of your relationship dynamics and hurdles you haven’t gotten past until now.


I'll hold a safe and compassionate environment for you, where you are free to reveal, unveil and open up. Judgements stay out, and curiosity rules the retreat!  

  • In addition to our therapy "work" sessions, I'll give you opportunities to play and have fun with each other. Exercises and activities you do together during breaks and personal time might include: making dinner together with specific instructions, blindfold exercises, sexual exploration, trust enhancing exercises and many, many others!

You will also receive and create:

  • Time for you and your partner to be physically away from the distractions of home, work, kids and the day-to-day "grind." Your retreat destination will be outside the city with a backdrop of mountain vistas and fresh air to fill your senses.
  • A relationship immersion with your partner where you can forget about everything else and focus solely on strengthening and rediscovering your connection with each other.
  • An opportunity to learn about your mutual behaviour patterns and dynamics through my unique (and sometimes unconventional!) therapy, play, activities and exercises.
  • A place for you to test - and break - boundaries, unspoken rules, and convention.  

The exact blend of experiential and other exercises I lead you through will depend on where you are currently in your relationship and what your goals are for our time together. One thing I know for sure . . .


At the end of this retreat, you will emerge with a renewed sense of connection, understanding, energy and love!

Your Retreat Facilitator

Hi, I’m Taunya Craig RPC, MPCC, CT

I am well versed in relationships and emotions, but most important a constant learner. The challenges of today are ever changing, that’s why my clients call me the laser. We get right to the heart of what’s going on, and we address the mess.

I’ve helped countless clients deepen their self worth, confidence, and acceptance to love themselves in before, during, and after that mess.

My support has a natural, relaxed feel so breakthroughs can happen without judgement as we unveil strengths, mistakes and all areas of how you show up in the relationship with yourself and others.

The Venue

These photos capture the magical setting of the Rimrock Hotel in the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains. Topped with luxury and far away from distractions and 'to-do's.'

The Rimrock Hotel is just one venue option. If you prefer a hot locale, we can arrange that as well.

Sample Itinerary

This is a sample itinerary.

Because your retreat is highly customized based on where you are and what you most need, this schedule may change.

Who this retreat is for...

Relationship Recharge is for you, if you want to approach your relationship with curiosity and adventure - because doing so will allow you to be more consistently present with your partner - even when “life happens.”

It's for you, if you are genuinely ready to deepen your connection - which includes addressing issues in the relationship that might need repairing or that you’ve been avoiding. I’ve seen the best results using these methods with couples who have been together for at least four years.

You want results, you are willing to go deep with me and with each other, and you’d rather work and play in a beautiful luxury resort setting for three days where you can focus on you and your relationship without distraction - than have to fit months of therapy in around your packed schedules.

You believe in your relationship 100%. You believe that your obstacles and problems are worth addressing because you each are worth it, as individuals and as a couple. Moreover, you recognize that it’s not happening through self-help books, tools alone, or even traditional therapy.

It’s important to know . . .

When you experience a level of discontent in your relationship that triggers a reach for outside help, this is a good thing! If you are considering outside support, you care enough to try to make your relationship thrive.

This is why I created Relationship Recharge. When you're at this point, you need to act and act fast.

Who this retreat is not for

Relationship Recharge is NOT for you if one or both of you:

  • Aren’t 100% sure you want the relationship to continue
  • Have an active addiction
  • Is engaged in an ongoing affair
  • Would come just to appease the other and keep problems under the surface
  • Aren’t willing to look at things from a different perspective
  • Always needs to be right no matter what.

What You’ll Get

Relationship Recharge is a complete turnkey experience - I’ve left no stone unturned. From the initial virtual session (which includes an in-depth assessment so I can get to know you beforehand) to support after the retreat as you put your new skills into practice, I’ve got you covered!

A half day virtual session with me (this takes place after your application is accepted at a mutually convenient time)

3 days of intense therapy and customized experiential exercises and connective assignments with me at our resort location

A customized binder filled with exercises and visioning for you to take home and refer to again and again

Virtual follow up sessions with me 2 weeks, 6 weeks and 12 weeks post-retreat to make sure you are successfully integrating everything you learned and built at the retreat into your real life.

What’s Your Responsibility

Round trip airfare (or any other travel) from your home to the resort, transportation from the airport to the resort, or lodging at the resort.

Meals during the retreat

Any spa or other services at the resort

Personal, medical or travel insurance

The application process:

Schedule a free discovery call by clicking the button below.

 Once we’ve agreed Relationship Recharge is exactly what you need, you will:
  • Put down your $1000 deposit
  • Take the Gottman assessment
  • Complete a detailed intake form
  • Attend and participate in our ½ day virtual session (included) before we meet for your 3 day intensive.

Upon acceptance for Relationship Recharge retreat you will receive pre-work through PDF and audio recording. Directions to your hotel/ condo for the weekend and detailed itinerary.

This experience is IDEAL for couples who struggle to make time for their relationship. Focused energy with custom exercises and experiences allows for a depth in connection and relationship that is hard to achieve in regular therapy sessions (as it requires time for homework outside of sessions).

What others have to say…

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? I’ve got answers. If you have a question that you don’t see answered here, please reach out to me via email at taunya at taunyacraig dot com

Do my partner, and I have to be married to book this intensive?

You do not have to be married. You do have to be in a committed relationship - and the couples that get the most out of the intensive will have been in the relationship for at least four years. If you see yourself in writing on this page and if you know in your heart this is just what you are looking for; I encourage you to apply.


Do you work with gay and lesbian couples?  
I do, relationship dynamics are fundamentally the same independent of gender. 


This page mentions parenting. Do we have to have children to benefit from Relationship Recharge?

Absolutely not! As you know, parenting is far from the only relationship dynamic. Your customized retreat will cover what you most need to work on.


We’ve never done therapy, and in fact, we’ve shied away from it. Will it be weird that we don’t have therapy experience?

It absolutely won’t be weird if you’ve not been to therapy before. I will guide you every step of the way. As long as you are committed to your relationship and willing to get uncomfortable in the safe space I create for you; you will be just fine.


What makes this retreat different from regular therapy?

The traditional therapy model consists of you going to therapy at scheduled times (typically once per week) and talking with a therapist. These relationships often create a dynamic where the couple becomes dependent on the therapist for advice - which can foster months (or even years) of therapy with linear results at best. Alternatively, the therapist may rely too heavily on the client to guide the sessions, which typically results in tools being given but no cohesive behaviour or belief changes by the couple to make the tools truly useful.

This retreat is NOT the therapy style you are used to or have heard about. It will not be the three of us sitting for three days, me behind a desk and you are wondering whose side I’m going to take! This model is a NEW, much more sustainable way of becoming more closely connected. It works faster than traditional therapy because of my unique style of working with couples and because of the way I mix different therapy models that address your concerns directly. I work with you using a mix of experiential exercises, humour, and caring.

Relationship Recharge is an immersive experience, designed to have you going deep very quickly into what’s holding you back from getting what you most crave from your relationship: a close emotional connection! A connection that enables you (as an individual and as part of a couple) to be at your BEST so you can be all you are meant to be in the world.

You will discern where defensive walls are that you’ve put up. You’ll discover how old patterns, messaging and expectations have been guiding your behaviour. At Relationship Recharge, you will experience what it’s like to be heard by your loved one in a safe, compassionate, respectful manner (and if you’re already used to that you will go even more in-depth).

You will set up an emotional safety net that you’ll rely on for years to come. You will renew your commitment to your relationship more deeply than you dreamed possible and your results will be compound rather than linear. You’ll feel like you have your best friend back. Most of all, you will come away with the skills, behaviours, tools, and three months of support from me as you re-enter into life and put what you’ve learned into practice.


Will I be yelled at or judged? I’m nervous about exposing my feelings.

This is such a great question! And the short answer is absolutely not. You will never be yelled at or judged at the Re-Connect retreat.  I stop any unhealthy and unproductive behaviours.  You will be safe.

The long(er) answer is: I as your facilitator & therapist hold the emotional safety for the weekend. Which means you will feel safe to explore areas you wouldn't otherwise. When you come to Re-Connect, I am there for your relationship, not for each of you individually (it’s almost like the relationship is my client - which means I don’t take sides). This perspective (and unique way of working and specialization that I bring to the table) allows me to hold equal alliance for both partners.

AND, your emotional safety is preserved and protected through strict confidentiality and privacy policies that are a part of the weekend.

What makes you different from other therapists?

Too often couples quit on their relationships right when they are finally breaking down facades and masks. It’s in that place we can get real and authentic - quick.  Without professional help, couples get stuck in defence mode and will attack, not realizing that underneath, both people just want to be seen, heard and held.  I provide opportunities for couples to meet each other in that vulnerable space, where true healing occurs.


Couldn’t we just go on vacation and get the same result?

Sure - well sort of - okay actually not really! You could go on vacation for a week just the two of you and rediscover a lot of the connection we’re talking about on this page. The problem is, when you get back home, the relationship will dissolve the instant you hit your daily routine (or very shortly after that for most couples).

It may help to look at Relationship Recharge as a “conscious” vacation. Our gorgeous resort setting and intention setting from the get-go will support you to feel more connected. You will be there specifically to grow closer and keep that connection.

From this perspective, which will support your relationship more: an “escape” vacation that, while lovely and idyllic, won’t give you the skills and tools to maintain and deepen your connection when you return (instead you’ll face your problems in the same old ways and get the same old results), or the Relationship Recharge retreat where you will emerge knowing your relationship will flow in a whole new direction - that you will maintain and nurture?


What if my partner doesn't want to participate?
If you are committed to repairing your relationship, and your partner is on board but not willing to participate in the Re-Connect retreat, that's ok! The truth is, relationships can be healed, and you can rediscover joy with your partner even if it's just you who takes the first step with outside help.

If you decide this option will work for your situation, I can design an Intensive Retreat or Workshop for you as an individual that will guide you to a better, healthier relationship with your partner. We'll work with who you are so you can learn more about yourself, your unique gifts, and why you are the way you are. You'll come away equipped with strategies and tools that will help you work through the trouble spots in your relationship and return to happy.


Can I stay somewhere other than the Rimrock Hotel?

I selected the Rimrock Hotel to give you a luxury experience (an additional layer of being cared for) as we do in-depth work on your relationship. I believe as well the ambiance fosters the feeling of magic, romance and luxury.

If you were to be transporting back and forth to the Rimrock, you would lose precious retreat time.


How do we book our lodging?

Once you are accepted (yay!) I will contact you with everything you need to know (logistically and otherwise) to make your Relationship Recharge experience one of the best you’ve ever had.


What’s your cancellation policy?

14 days notice = $150 retained fees. Less than 14 days notice 50% refund. If you want to reschedule, it will cost the charge of deposits that aren't refundable + $150 fees.


How much does the retreat cost?

We will discuss the investment details if, after reading your application, I feel I can support you and your partner. However, rest assured, I've priced this experience so that, not only is it more cost effective than the traditional therapy model (in terms of both money and time), it is much more sustainable. I don’t want you coming back to me week after week for more therapy. I want you to have the foundation and tools to continue re-connecting for the rest of your relationship (that being said, some couples do return for a "re-boot" occasionally)


We are so IN for this! How do we get started?

Book your meet and greet call below. We will hop on a call and discuss the ins and outs of everything.


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