Transform your relationship

Find the tools to 'update' your relationship.

We grow daily and we need to refresh our beliefs about our loved ones on a regular basis.

If we approach our relationship with curiosity and adventure we will experience the awesomeness of the present with the most significant person in our lives.

Discover key skills to enhance connection, deepen intimacy and play.

Are you experiencing:

  • Missing connection, fun, laughter and meaning in your relationship?

  • Experiencing fights and arguments that never get resolved?

  • Turning to work, hobbies or anything outside of your relationship so you can avoid the problems?

  • Focusing on what your partner is doing (or not doing) and trying to fix them?

  • Committed to making your relationship work?

  • At a loss for what to do next to try to fix things?

  • Too busy to fit traditional therapy sessions into your schedule?

These are familiar issues for the couples who walk through my door. I believe a level of discomfort in our relationship is necessary to prompt our desire to reach for outside help. And once you are at that point, the good news is: you are ready to move, and move fast.

Do you wish for:

  • Clarity
  • To be understood by your person.
  • Tools and skills to communicate better.
  • A better understanding of your part in your relationship.
  • Fun, laughter, and your best friend.
  • Greater ease with physical intimacy.
  • Tools and skills for deeper connection.
  • To feel like you are on the same page about certain issues.

 Wherever you are at in your relationship, that's our starting point.

We will address your unique challenges,  hang ups, frustrations and insecurities. My unique therapy approach blends two acclaimed couples therapy models: the gold standard Gottman Couples Therapy Method and Emotionally Focused Therapy. You will both experience a deeper level of connection, tools you feel competent using for conflict and vulnerable connection and a better understanding of your relationship dynamics and hurdles you previously couldn't get past.


Reboot Your Relationship!

Through my unique blend of theories, therapy styles and modalities I will customize sessions to help you:

  • See current dilemmas from a new perspective. 
  • Understand the reason behind recurring struggles and problem behavior.
  • Develop healthy responses to challenges.
  • Deal with difficult feelings.
  • Reveal the root cause of your struggles.
  • Deepen emotional & physical intimacy.
  • Improve your sense of well being.
  • Feel like your person has your back and you have theirs.

I believe everything you need resides within you already.
It just needs to be identified.


Some of our strongest relationships grow out of the differences we see in each other. Indeed, we are often attracted to someone with strengths that we wish we had ourselves. As we settle into our relationship or marriage, those differences - the very aspects that may have attracted us in the first place - become more apparent. Conflicts arise and get tougher to resolve. We dig in our heels and wonder why the other person can't see our point of view.

  • ​You can get back to a place of mutual respect, honesty, openness and connection.
  • The key is to learn about your partner and who they are now, not when you first committed to each other.
  • Discover how those differences impact your relationship dynamic.
  • Learn to speak in terms so the other person will "hear" you, making it possible to repair and rebuild the relationship.
  • And the best part is that no one gives up their individuality.
  • You don't need to stop being you to enjoy a healthy relationship with your partner.


"Too often couples quit on their relationships right when they are finally breaking down facades and masks. It’s in that place we can get real and authentic - quick.  Without professional help couples get stuck in defence mode and will attack, not realizing that underneath, both people just want to be seen, heard and held.  I provide opportunities for couples to meet each other in that vulnerable space, where true healing occurs."

Who is Taunya?

Taunya Craig, RPC, MPCC, CT

Relationship & Trauma Therapist

I'm not your run-of-the-mill therapist, for starters I wasn't traditionally trained, I've earned my master's equivalent through proving competency. What does this mean? I am very relational, I see my clients from a wholistic sense, not a medical model.

I tend to cuss, I ride a Harley Davidson, I'm married to a woman and I have two young adult kids. Everything I ask my clients to do, I have done myself.

Your story is unique to you, and I bet I will be able to understand to some degree, better than most.


My hourly rate is $150/ hr+GST Couple's sessions run 90 minutes in length.

Insurances that I'm an approved provider for: Alberta Blue Cross, Pacific Blue Cross, Greenshield & check with your plan for Sunlife. Other insurance companies may cover my services you will need to check your particular plan. I'm covered when it stipulates: Clinical Counsellor, Psychotherapist or Counsellor. My credentials: R.P.C, M.P.C.C. with CPCA # 3419 and C.T. with ACTA #1662