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Relationships require effort and updating.

We grow daily and we need to refresh our beliefs about our loved ones on a regular basis. If we approach our relationship with curiosity and adventure we will experience the awesomeness of the present with the most significant person in our lives. something different! Let's take care of YOU first.

Are you:

·       Missing connection, fun, laughter and meaning in your relationship?

·       Experiencing fights and arguments that never get resolved?

·       Turning to work, hobbies or anything outside of your relationship so you can avoid acknowledging there are problems?

·       Focusing on what your partner is doing (or not doing) and trying to fix them?

·       Committed to making your relationship work?

·       At a loss for what to do next to try to fix things?

·       Too busy to fit traditional therapy sessions into your schedule?

These are familiar issues for the couples who walk through my door. I believe a level of discomfort in our relationship is necessary to prompt our desire to reach for outside help. And once you are at that point, the good news is: you are ready to move, and move fast.  Step up a free meet and greet today.

"Taunya was extremely impactful, capable and special. "

Calgary, CAN Clients

"I was able to feel my feelings and honour those thoughts and emotions directly with Taunya present. "

Online Clients

"Love her to death, she puts her heart and soul into this."

Calgary, CAN Clients

Wherever you are at in your relationship, that's our starting point.

We will address your unique challenges, hang ups, frustrations and insecurities. My unique therapy approach blends two acclaimed couples therapy models: the gold standard Gottman Couples Therapy Method and Emotionally Focused Therapy. You will both experience a deeper level of connection, tools you feel competent using for conflict and vulnerable connection and a better understanding of your relationship dynamics and hurdles you previously couldn't get past.


"Too often couples quit on their relationships right when they are finally breaking down facades and masks. It’s in that place we can get real and authentic - quick.  Without professional help couples get stuck in defence mode and will attack, not realizing that underneath, both people just want to be seen, heard and held.  I provide opportunities for couples to meet each other in that vulnerable space, where true healing occurs."


Take the steps to connection and joy.

You hold all the answers, let me be your personal guide and together we will explore, unlock and reveal your true potential.

The fact is, some of our strongest relationships grow out of the differences we see in each other. Indeed, we are often attracted to someone with strengths that we wish we had ourselves. As we settle into our relationship or marriage, those differences - the very aspects that may have attracted us in the first place - become more apparent. Conflicts arise and get tougher to resolve. We dig in our heels and wonder why the other person can't see our point of view.

​What many couples don't realize is that you can get back to a place of mutual respect, honesty, openness and connection. The key is to learn about your partner and who they are now, not when you first committed to each other. Discover how those differences impact your relationship dynamic. Learn to speak in terms so the other person will "hear" you, making it possible to repair and rebuild the relationship. And the best part is that no one gives up their individuality. You don't need to stop being you to enjoy a healthy relationship with your partner.

My relationship counselling is ideal for couples who:

  • recognize they need help to improve their relationship dynamics.
  • want proactive support and guidance to resolve conflict.
  • can't move beyond a recurring argument or challenge.
  • need to recover and repair following broken trust, betrayal or an affair.
  • feel they are out of options and don't know where to turn.
  • are thinking of starting a family and want to prepare for their relationship as parents.
  • want strategies for better communication with each other.
  • need time to process between sessions.
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Why work with Taunya

I'm direct and compassionate. When you 'hire' me for couples' therapy or coaching, you are hiring me for the relationship. I help each of you recognize what you can both do in different scenarios. So...if you think it's just about him or her, think again, you have a part in this too! I won't side with one or the other, if you want that - I'm not your person. I've trained with Clearmind Institute, and have a diploma in Transpersonal Counselling Psychology. That coupled with over 3000 direct client hours has afforded me the competency based credential of Master Practicing Clinical Counsellor. I have post grad training in Emotionally Focused Therapy of Couples and Individuals, Gottman's level 2 training, Accelerated Resolution Therapy - Master ART Practioner and more.


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