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Resolutions work in mysterious ways for some...

Did you make New Year Resolutions?

Are you a planner?

If so, then awesome! For a lot of planners and very structured individuals New Year's resolutions can feel refreshing and like a 'back bone' to rest upon, or a guide post to measure against.

For the rest of you, who aren't planners...I got ya!

I'm not a planner, in fact, today in a coaching call, I was guiding someone through some questions and the theme was around feeling like a "flake", because this person would often abandon their resolve or goals when it didn't suit the situation. As a result, called themselves a "flake".

As we moved though the questions and process I was floored to learn what this person discovered!!

That 'flakiness'? It wasn't flakiness at all, it was rebellion against black and white thinking!!

It totally landed for me and really helped me learn more about my own process I have been going through lately. The rigidity of rules has me wondering about these giant declarations. Yes, the intention is fabulous,...

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Any resolutions yet? Here's a good ONE!

This is my suggestion on creating a (just one) New Year's resolution:


That's it, that's all!

And, I'm starting right KISSing this newsletter :)

With love,

PS: If you do want more...please let me know :)

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Extended family visits during Christmas

"Pass the salt - did you get
a job yet?"

Whether you view Christmas dinner as a time for catching up and deepening conversations, or it's the dreaded interrogation, it's always a good idea to prepare yourself ahead of time.

Let's start with the ones that you can't wait to gather with again in your family. Have you ever walked away from a great time connecting and suddenly realize that you had slipped back into the 'comedian', 'people-pleaser' or 'know it all'? Maybe you shake your head wondering how come you've just said a bunch of jokes that outside of that setting would have you cringing.

When we step back into our family systems, even as grown adults, we can end up sliding back into a 'preferred role' that we are accustomed to playing out in that family/group of people. And, unless we are aware of it, we will automatically 'transform' back into that role.

To prevent that from happening, you first need to identify what your experience is - in and out of your family system. Typical...

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The hidden benefit of stepping outside your comfort zone


Comfort zones can kiss my a$$

When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone?

Have you ever thought about intentionally pushing yourself so you can experience “a different” in your life?

Steps outside of your comfort zone don’t have to be GIANT! You can have that conversation you’ve been avoiding, you can text that person you’ve been thinking of and avoiding in case you don’t get it ‘quite right’. You can sign up for a competition! All sorts of ways to step out of your comfort zone, so you can meet yourself!

Wait what?
Intentionally feel uncomfortable so I can meet myself?
How does that work?

When we do something that is out of our normal it shakes us up,
it stops the regular pattern in our very efficient minds,
to cause a mini mind-quake!

I ended up signing up for time trials in my master’s swim club, and at first I thought, it will be fun, something competitive and different. Plus, I can see where I stand...

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A tool to help you stay positive :)

Affirmations - it's not just a buzzword!

Do you sometimes find yourself in a funk or struggle to feel positive, motivated or be on your A-game?

Affirmations can be quite powerful, especially when you find ones that speak directly to YOU! 


“When you do affirmations, you are teaching your brain a new way to think about the world. This changes what your brain processes on your behalf, leading you to see different things and have different thoughts, until the landscape changes so much that you get what it is you affirmed.”

Megan Holstein
Personal Development Blogger

I notice that when I practice affirmations on a consistent basis, I experience a shift in my moods. I tend to feel more positive, motivated and capable.

Notice that I said practice, not just reading or repeating affirmations, actually feeling the intention of the affirmation.

My little trick - print off some affirmations and put
them up in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom
and see what...

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Time to bust up some Stress?!!

Stress Busting

Given our current circumstances with the COVID-19 pandemic, anxiety and stress is rising for everyone, and you aren’t immune from it.

Often, we won’t be aware of feeling stressed until it’s really big. Thankfully, you can notice signs of stress and act before it gets too big.

Read on to discover what some signs of stress are and what to do to bust up the stress!

Signs of Stress:

  • Irritability
  • Decreased patience
  • Isolating
  • Difficulty being still
  • Need for stimulus
  • Micro-managing others
  • Avoiding others
  • Less laughter
  • Diminished libido
  • Increased alcohol consumption
  • Noises sound louder and irritating
  • Focusing on what others are doing
  • Lack of enjoyment in things previously enjoyed

Counter with increasing self care. I know you hear this a lot from me and it’s because there is validity. When you top up your reserve tank you have something to draw from, you can better weather storms that are not forecasted.

Don’t forget - self care can take...

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Now what?

Now what?

Do you ever feel as if you are living Groundhog Day?
You wake up, and it's the same thing over and over?

Especially during the pandemic, it's hard to maintain enthusiasm for living an exciting life.

We can't attend events, we can barely gather with friends and family and if you live in the frigid north, it's hard to even get outside.

So, HOW can you keep things exciting? How can you make it so you want to get out of bed and do the same damn thing today, the next day, and on and on...


Besides, recognizing that YOU are responsible for YOUR own attitude, keep reading for ideas on how you can help your attitude and bring some excitement into your day...

Ideas to Break the
Groundhog Day

  • Have a reminder by your bed of something you really like about your job, your family, your friends. Just 1, then post a visual of it on the wall, so first thing in the morning you roll over to see it!
  • Plan 1 outing for next month, something that maybe you can’t quite...
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Opportunities might be knocking...

Opportunities might be knocking...

Have you ever had a period (or periods) of time where you felt stuck, waiting, or in limbo for something to happen, present itself or shift?

I’ve been there, off and on throughout my entrepreneurship journey. Most recently through Covid it’s been a roller coaster ride, we seem to get some great ideas, some leads and then it flattens. And, it keeps happening. To the point it’s been messing with my confidence!

Then…something happens and suddenly there’s the upswing again and opportunities are presenting themselves, like we're walking down a hotel hallway and every other door is opening with opportunities!

A HUGE blessing…and…scary as F*CK, when one isn’t ready for it!

Thankfully, due to my confidence getting rocked this last year, on and off, I’ve been working on my mindset. In fact, I even designed my own 2-day intensive therapeutic experience (like I offer for my clients) with a trusted...

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Midlife it really?!?

Midlife Crisis...
Midlife Pivot & Opportunity

With all that is happening with the pandemic, I have heard of many people pivoting out of opportunity and out of necessity. It has me wondering what do I want to do???
I worked my butt off to be a relatable and entertaining speaker, so when the live gigs got cancelled, I felt devastated. I also thought…no problem, I'll just focus on the online aspects….except that online during Covid is SO MUCH ONLINE!!! Right?!?!
So here I am again, wondering…what do I want to do when I grow up?
In our F*CK FINE Clubhouse, we explore what did we used to do that brought us joy, and what can we do of that now. We all happen to be women in our 40’s and 50’s and pondering what pivot might be necessary now to help counter Covid impact.
Midlife crisis is happening to more than those in typical midlife. As my wife stated this morning: “Why is it called midlife crisis? Why does it...
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Wanna try something crazy...

Turn off your phone for an hour.

Lay down.

Do nothing.



            With love, 

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