What are the messages you will share?

International Women's Day
March 8

That's today!

Normally, I send out my newsletters on a Wednesday, which would have been the day after International Women's Day...so, I thought this would be a much better to send this newsletter today to fill us all up with messages!

And, there are lots of messages!

I am wondering what message(s) you may be thinking about and pass around. 

Here is the link to the official International Women's Day website!
And, this year's theme page of #BreakTheBias!

It's crazy to think that with everything going on in this world with the pandemic stretching into year 3, a major war in Ukraine, that International Women's Day needs attention, too, more than ever!

Fact is, women still face inequality in the workplace and social systems.

We can each make a difference like celebrating and promoting women owned businesses.

Posting faxx and stats from organizations such as www.thefaxx.co Messages such as... Women make the economy better!

Jen Hutchinson has made it her mission to educate and promote the cold hard facts of how under-employed and under-utilized women are in the workforce. 

So, for today, how are you going to share your message?

Are you going to speak your message or send it out on Facebook, IG, TikTok, etc. 

How about at work, with friends and family?

Let me know what you do. 

With love and awareness,

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