I got stuck in an elevator!

Help I'm stuck!

Getting stuck, literally, can be quite
informative as to how one responds when
they get stuck figuratively.

Recently, I got stuck in an elevator and I was by myself. I was on my way down to bring my client up during a Saturday, which is when the office building is locked. I pushed the "G" button to go to the ground floor, nothing happened. I pushed again, it lit up, then turned off. I then pushed it again, swiping my card thinking maybe the swipe access is glitching. The doors close and then open. I calculate quickly: if I get off, send this down, then maybe the other elevator will come quickly.

Why the stairs didn’t enter my mind is beyond me. I was then figuring out that playing around with the elevator is going to take too long so I repeatedly push the button and the doors do their close and open routine a couple more times then…hallelujah I was on my way down!!

It reaches the third floor and stops. I push all the buttons, they don't even light up. I push the call button, and the dispatch picks up quite quickly. I inform her that I’m stuck and I start texting my client. (Who’s now waiting outside for me to let them in!!!)

As I’m writing this I’m realizing my learning piece is more poignant in my tenacity to use the elevator in the first place. Not considering the stairs, just fixated on getting down in the elevator as quickly as possible to not have my client waiting. Pushing my agenda until I got stuck at the 3rd floor, suspended in the air! 

I now wonder, how often in my life do I push, push, push for something to happen without stopping to see other ways I can entertain to reach the same results!!! Only to end up figuratively stuck!

It certainly is the case with my online courses. I have invested tens of thousands of dollars and years of time (4 years!), to create, host and then promote my online DIY therapy courses. I fixated on two different methods: online which resulted in exactly 4 sales! And speaking, I took to the stages, and in order for me to fully show up on stage I needed to walk through my intense fear of public speaking (more accurately the fear of being seen and judged).

I did, I did a year of A.R.T. for public speaking, which ironically in that year of deep trauma work, I ended up seeing my previous marriage for what it was - unhealthy. And, it only resulted in a handful of sales!

Maybe I didn’t make it as a super star in the online course industry or speaking stages, I did however end up with some incredible personal growth. I learned my boundaries, my fears that I was in denial about, and started to unearth my self worth! I left my marriage, ended up meeting my now wife, (which btw involved me coming out of the ‘closet’ that I wasn’t overly aware I was in), and to a depth of being in love with my private practice and developing the TLC Centre.

So sometimes when we push, push and push, the results we get may not be what we were expecting. And, I believe will be the results that are more aligned with our greater good.

What big epiphany did I gain in the elevator incident? That I am SO much more easy going, I have grown so much over the past few years, and my tenacity may not get me what I’m hoping it will, and I know it will give me what I need. (I had an hour rest, hanging out, wondering about the symbolism of being suspended. It was quite chill, quite humorous and resulted in me reflecting on the blessings I have today in my life.

Where have you felt stuck in your life?
What got you there?
What expectations did you have?
What did you actually gain?

Let me know, reply to this email,  I love reading your experiences.

With love and freedom!

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