Embrace the good, the bad and the ugly

Embrace what is...

What I have experienced in my own personal growth journey and by witnessing hundreds of clients in their journeys is:

Personal growth is about coming into
a deeper relationship with yourself.

It’s about embracing what is, and continuing to embrace what comes next.

I’ve experienced and witnessed myself and people making things/parts about themselves bad or wrong. Wishing that they would behave differently, feel differently and be differently. Making the negative behaviours, thoughts, beliefs something to worry about, fear, or cast away.

What I’m learning is it doesn’t seem to work that way. We can’t just cut off from the negative things. We actually need to lean into them, learn from them and embrace them.

Take negative emotions for example - Sadness. Many people (myself included), feel a level of concern when they feel sad. Often people brace from their feelings, try to fix them, or shift their thoughts and actions so they don’t feel sad.

The problem with that approach is, if we don’t acknowledge our emotion of sadness and the sensations in our bodies (heavy, low energy, ache), then that information just gets stored. It may get put on a shelf for a while, and it will come back.

Our emotions are information. If we ignore sadness, we also ignore why we are feeling sadness. If we keep ignoring that, then we keep perpetuating it.

To embrace the sadness we need to sit in it. We literally need to acknowledge the sensations we feel in our bodies, the burn of tears being held back, and breathe. Give space to feel the sensations in the moment and eventually they pass. And only do they pass when we are giving our full attention to the sensations and feelings in our body.

I often tell my clients in that space of acknowledging, ask yourself, "What do I need here?" or, "What is being called for?" And, just sit and wait for an answer, while you continue to focus on the sadness and sensations associated with it. You’ll eventually get an answer and then you get to decide what to do about it.

BTW: Most people, when they tap into that sadness, find their needs are:

  • They need space for themselves
  • They need to connect
  • They want a hug
  • They are missing someone important to them and they want to connect in some way.
  • They need to change, get out and explore.

From this place you now have choice and you have embraced the information that your body has presented.

Embracing what is, doesn’t mean you are settling. It means you are acknowledging and listening.

You've got this!

With love,

PS: Please forward this link to someone you think would like to read this post or others that are here to share. We can all learn from each other. 

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