Be in charge of your EMOTIONS!

Everything you need to know on how to stop being a victim 
to your emotions, and learn the wisdom in them!

Your Emotions...

We are taught to ignore, stuff, numb, and minimize how we feel.  
We are also taught to think, be rational, and downplay our emotions.

Yet, our emotions hold valuable information and until we pay attention to that information 
our emotions grow bigger and bigger, eventually leaking out at the most inopportune times.

Using Module 1 of my BREATHE Method, you’ll be guided through 4 videos, a meditation and actionable steps to change the relationship you have with your emotions.
Embrace your emotions today!
  • Learn the behaviours that indicate you are in reactivity or upset.

  • Identify the sensations related to your emotions

  • Understand what you are feeling and be able to determine your needs in that place.

When you learn to value your emotions, by noticing your sensations and identifying the needs associated with the emotion, you WILL have choice.  In that space you are in control!

For only $37 you will receive:

Video 1: Behaviours associated with emotions.
Video 2: Sensations that alert you to your emotions.
Video 3: How to utilize your sensations. 
Video 4: Identify what your needs are associated with your emotions and sensations.

Downloadable worksheets, tracking log, guided meditation download, 48 minutes of training and support from Taunya.

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Why the BREATHE method...

BREATH is essential to life. Breathing is essential to emotional regulation. Emotional regulation is essential for being present, responsive, NOT reactionary in relationships.

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