Accelerated Resolution Therapy - A.R.T.

An efficient and effective way to help you get out of your own way to heal or correct old beliefs that are holding you back.

Visit A.R.T. website for more about this tool.

Maybe you're like me and want to understand the ins and outs of a different way of doing therapy.
Visit the Accelerated Resolution Therapy website, where they have resources for clients interested in learning more.

A.R.T. Website

Watch a documentary on how the memory works.

This video was part of our training for A.R.T. and it's also one I invite my clients to watch if they are wanting to understand more about how the memory works. Click the image above to watch the video "Nova, Memory Hackers" in YouTube.

Nova video

I'm in, I've seen the difference with my loved one...

Maybe you don't need to know more, you just need to access my schedule!!! Click the image above to book a session. A note: if we haven't met, please book a free phone call first so we can both make sure we are a fit! If we aren't, for some reason, I can refer you to other A.R.T. therapists.

How A.R.T. can be helpful:

When choosing what therapist to see and what type of therapy to try, it can be incredibly daunting. There are many many methods out there and many styles of therapy starting with the personality and interests of the therapist.

I have found that A.R.T. has provided for me, as a therapist, a tool to offer to my clients as a way to 'short cut' the strategies, and defence system that can sometimes get in the 'way' of talk therapy.

It's a faster way to the source of issues - mainly because it's a 'you' journey. I am the facilitator of the process, however, you are not dialoguing with me, you are experiencing the process yourself. You won't have to articulate, or frame things to be presented, etc. You will notice your thoughts, your feelings, you will move troublesome thoughts and feelings and discover your own strategies and tools.
I'm simplifying the process a bit here in describing it, and it's ultimately what I've seen time and time again with my clients. (And myself, as I use this tool with my own personal therapist).

In no way am I suggesting that the process is easy, for some it's not, it's quite the opposite, it can be uncomfortable as old feelings and emotions surface to be moved through with the eye movements.

That being said, you are walking around with those same feelings and emotions running in the background, and sometimes even hijacking you. So...why not feel them, move them so you can move forward with your life?

This tool is efficient and effective for:

  • trauma resolve
  • anxieties
  • phobias
  • compulsions
  • stuckness - thoughts, beliefs that are keeping you from being who you wish to be in certain situations.
  • addictions
  • grief
  • suicidal ideation
  • repair from infidelities

You need to be motivated and wanting to move past the challenge, able to hold a single thought and move your eyes back and forth. And, the session(s) will be in person with COVID restrictions and considerations in place. 

To see if A.R.T. is a fit for you, please book an initial assessment first.

Not taking new clients at this time.

What clients have said:

  • "I can't believe I don't feel the same when I think of that event anymore".
  • "I feel different, I'm not sure how exactly, free-er".
  • "I have my life back now, thank you".
  • "I think of that memory, and I can just 'poof' think of something else, where before it would have taken me into a dark mood for hours or even days".

These are all from my clients, however, I'm not allowed to use actual client testimonials, as per our regulations.

Is A.R.T. for you?

If you have some level of comfort with exploring your thoughts, feelings and experiencing an open mindset, then maybe!

If you have reoccurring behaviours or images that are problematic, that you are ready to move on from, then maybe.

If you are wondering if it's for you, I ask you to explore the A.R.T. website resources that explain the process, if you still aren't sure, then book a free 20 min call with me and together we can determine what you possible next step is.

Remember: A.R.T. is a tool, it's only as good as the operator and the recipient! And it's one tool of many. For those who it's appropriate for, it can seem like magic- it's not, it's the willingness and drive of the client. If by now you aren't feeling a sense of intrigue, excitement along with some nerves, then maybe it's not your cup of tea, and that is totally fine, there are many ways to heal and transform.