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Relationship Therapist, Coach and Speaker

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Parents, couples, and the relationship with yourself is where I like to help. But truly, I believe you have the power inside of you to know what’s best.

Through my courses, memberships, workshops, retreats, keynote speeches, and corporate training, I uncover the ways that your emotions are your superpower and teach you how to use them for good.

Conflict and challenges are inevitable, but I’m here to help you uncover exactly who you are and how to bring your best self to the world. I’m here to help you with self love, self acceptance, vulnerability, and personal responsibility for a better YOU in your life.

As a relationship therapist...

I believe we can change the world one person at a time. My job is to help you transform. No two individuals, couples, or kids are alike; therefore, we’ll address your specific concerns and coping and get you back into a state of love and connection with yourself and others.


Here’s what others have said:

I have a natural tendency to pinpoint root issues which have been hindering people from enjoying a healthy, loving relationship, so much so I'm called “The Laser.”

As I'm always wanting what’s best for my clients, I’m also referred to as “Mamma Bear”, since I’m able to see the big picture and understand how my clients can achieve the results they desire. The rewards I receive are when clients, whether an individual or a couple, have a breakthrough and can see a promising future. 

HER story changed the game for me

In 1997, while leading a strong, confident woman with a passion for life on a guided hike on the West Coast Trail in B.C., she found herself frozen with fear atop a 200-foot high ladder. The fear which had taken this strong woman to a paralyzed state as she clung to the ladder intrigued me as this was not the same person who started the hike with me. Slowly, I was able to help her tap into her inner power and identify what had made her halt; she was able to take one step at a time and descend from the ladder safely.

She wrote me, a short time after this hike, and explained she had a cognition that the reason she had suddenly become paralyzed on the ladder was that she had a chronic sensation of always being under her controlling husband’s eye. She decided she would not tolerate his behaviour and to come into her power. The result? She and her husband now have a deeper, more loving relationship than they ever experienced. It was her experience that then sparked my passion for becoming a student and teacher of my profession, uncovering how facing the obstacles life gives us can give us the empowerment to take steps towards a more joyful life.

Awakening to a new career

My interest and excitement in this subject led me to study psychology at the University of Calgary and completed my counselling training over the next three years at Clearmind International through their Transpersonal Psychology Counselling Program. Combining my training and my own life experiences and lessons, I created my practice into what it is today: a compassionate, non-judgemental atmosphere where my clients can open up, and we can determine the steps to take so they can yield a better relationship with themselves and others. 


  • Master Practicing Clinical Counsellor and Registered Professional Counsellor

  • Clearmind International, Transpersonal Psychology for Counselling

  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Level 1 and 2 Clinical Training.

  • Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples- Externship

  • Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Therapy for Individuals

  • Progressive Counting- Trauma Resolve Method

  • Accelerated Resolution Therapy- Master ART Therapist

  • Dr. Gordon Neufeld- Science of Emotion and Making Sense of Anxiety

  • Dr. Gabor Maté- Grounding Trauma

Some facts about me...

  • I was the first female backcountry guide on the West Coast Trail of Canada to run corporate trips. Having completed the trail 21 times, I learned to face myself in many different ways each time.

  • I worked in the medical industry prior to having children. The experience confirmed the fulfillment I feel by helping others.

  • As an Ironman athlete, I completed four Ironman Triathlon races. Each one helped me awaken and learn about self-regulation.

  • I am a registered yoga teacher.

  • I have two children, both teens now and have faced the ups and downs of a 18 year marriage, divorce and single parenting. I know firsthand that even the most serious relationship struggles with your spouse, kids or others in your life can be confronted and conquered.

  • My first marriage was a traditional set up, with myself as a stay at home mom and he worked outside the home.  My current marriage to my wife; we work, play, connect and grow together.
  • I now experience incredible deep hearted connection, love and fun in my current relationship, I know the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship.

  • When I'm not speaking, in sessions or with my family you can find me on my Harley Davidson "Fat Boy" chilling out.

Providing You with the Best Service I can.

I love what I do and I am humbled by how my services and resources have helped clients become empowered as they focus inward and discover the exact cause of their unhappiness. I guide them through any obstacles that arise so they can enjoy being their true authentic selves in healthy relationships. Starting with the relationship with themselves.


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