Hey there, I’m Taunya Craig

Relationship & Trauma Therapist, Coach and Speaker

Parents, couples, and the relationship with yourself is where I like to help. But truly, I believe you have the power inside of you to know what’s best.

Through my courses, memberships, workshops, retreats, keynote speeches, and corporate training, I uncover the ways that your emotions are your superpower and teach you how to use them for good.

Conflict and challenges are inevitable, but I’m here to help you uncover exactly who you are and how to bring your best self to the world. I’m here to help you with self love, self acceptance, vulnerability, and personal responsibility for a better YOU in your life.

Control is a tempting behaviour.

Since I began my therapy practice in 2013, I've spent more than 3000 hours with clients. I've enabled couples to reclaim their relationship, empowered leaders to improve their workplace relationships and helped individuals feeling lost, to find their purpose again.
In nearly every relationship situation I've encountered with a client, I have seen the same core issues emerge. I watch amazing people strive to control the other person's emotions, behaviours and experiences - and in doing so, they get in the way of their ability to take responsibility for the one thing they can control: themselves.

Who am I really?

I'm a Harley-Davidson riding, nature loving, constant learner. I have been married twice, divorced once. I've experienced relationships with men and women. I have 2 grown kids who blow my mind. One who currently is on a "sabbatical" from me. (Creating an incredible opportunity for me to dive within to heal and come out loving fiercely). My other lives with me while he attends uni. 

I have experienced years of therapy for myself so I deeply understand what I may ask you to step into. I believe therapy is the greatest gift we can give not only ourselves, also for our loved ones. Taking care of our own emotions, stories, beliefs and relationship skills is the best gift we can give to ourselves and others.


Here’s what others have said:

I have a natural tendency to pinpoint root issues which have been hindering people from enjoying a healthy, loving relationship, so much so I'm called “The Laser.”

As I'm always wanting what’s best for my clients, I’m also referred to as “Mamma Bear”, since I’m able to see the big picture and understand how my clients can achieve the results they desire. The rewards I receive are when clients, whether an individual or a couple, have a breakthrough and can see a promising future. 

Awakening to a new career

I took many zigzags to get to where I am: In the midst of attending College I met Sharon Wood (first female Canadian to summit Mount Everest), hearing her heroic stories and incredible tenacity to summit Everest I was inspired. I left at the end of that semester to pursue training as a mountain guide. I ended up becoming one of the first commercial female lead back country guides on the West Coast Trail of Canada.

Which brought me a lot of personal growth and experiences. I soon felt the desire to settle down and start a family. I trained as a Phlebotomist and returned to Calgary.

There I met and married my now ex-husband. We had 2 incredible kids together and I was blessed to be a stay at home mom.

Knowing they wouldn't stay small for long I then started to pursue my love of personal growth and psychology.

My interest and excitement in this subject led me to study psychology at the University of Calgary and completed my counselling training over the next three years at Clearmind International through their Transpersonal Psychology Counselling Program.

Combining my training and my own life experiences and lessons, I created my practice into what it is today: a compassionate, non-judgemental atmosphere where my clients can open up, and we can determine the steps to take so they can yield a better relationship with themselves and others. 


  • Master Practicing Clinical Counsellor and Registered Professional Counsellor and Counselling Therapist

  • Clearmind International, Transpersonal Psychology for Counselling

  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Level 1 and 2 Clinical Training.

  • Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples- Externship

  • ATMA's Accredited Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy for Mental Health Professionals
  • Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Therapy for Individuals

  • Progressive Counting- Trauma Resolve Method

  • Accelerated Resolution Therapy- Master ART Therapist

  • Dr. Gordon Neufeld- Science of Emotion and Making Sense of Anxiety

  • Dr. Gabor Maté- Grounding Trauma

  • Internal Family Systems- conference and continued trainings.

Some facts about me...

  • As an Ironman athlete, I completed four Ironman Triathlon races. Each one helped me awaken and learn about self-regulation.

  • I was a registered yoga teacher.

  • I have two children, both grown now and have faced the ups and downs of a 18 year marriage, divorce and single parenting. I know firsthand that even the most serious relationship struggles with your spouse, kids or others in your life can be confronted and conquered.

  • My first marriage was a traditional set up, with myself as a stay at home mom and he worked outside the home.  My current marriage to my wife; we work, play, connect and grow together.
  • I now experience incredible deep hearted connection, love and fun in my current relationship, I know the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship.

  • When I'm not speaking, in sessions or with my family you can find me on my Harley Davidson "Fat Boy" chilling out.
  • Oh ya, I have a good amount of "woo-hoo" and am quite intuitive.

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